Apps4U is a first-of-its-kind marketing platform, part of an ecosystem that includes an online publisher video network, connected TV’s, and a world class airport television network


Clear TV Media believes quality content deserves to be seen, not just in one place, but everywhere! So we have created a distribution network of over 100 premium on-line publishers of web-based content to sites that drive some of the highest number of viewers on the internet.

Through our TVChannels4U Web Site we've made it easy for content producers to upload content that is then categorized by genre, and made available to our distribution network.


A Clear TV Media produced advertisement for the ClearVISION Network

A Clear TV Media Exclusive Production with Shawn Amos

As a value added service for our content providers, airports and advertisers, Clear TV Media can provide video production services or post- production support to your project. From scripting to video design, studio or on-location filming, motion graphics and logo creation, the creative team at Clear TV Media is ready to step in to help you deliver your message. 


In partnership with Clear Channel Airports, Clear TV Media proudly presents ClearVISION Digital Networks, an exclusive television network designed specifically for airports featuring the content and OOH Television technology of Clear TV Media.

In an airport world where the only alternative is the CNN Airport Network, ClearVISION is a breath of fresh air, delivering entertainment-centric content that consumers actually want to watch

ClearVISION is one of the fastest growing Airport Television networks in the country, enjoyed by over 100 Million Travelers each year. 



Clear TV Media specializes in OOH Television solutions installed in select away-from-home venues where people endure lengthy wait (“dwell”) times, and can thereby be reached effectively with engaging programming and commercial advertisements.

Our roster of over 200 programming partners features top television content that spans Entertainment, Lifestyle, Music, News and Sports.

Combined with a state-of-the-art IP delivery network that allows for content customization based on venue and location, as well as client customized features such as integrated messaging, in-venue promotions and RRS feeds, ClearTV Media's OOH Television solution is ideally suited for resorts, hotels, healthcare facilities and similar dwell-time venues.