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EVP, Corporate Strategy

ClearTV Media's "ClearVISION" in Grand Rapids International Airport

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Clear TV Media is driven by a top-tier leadership team with expertise that spans entertainment, film, television, radio, social media and technology.

Clear TV Media delivers customized Television to VALUABLE Out-of-home environments

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VP, Investor Relations

Jonna Birgans

EVP, Programming Strategy

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​Clear TV Media specializes in OOH Television solutions installed in select away-from-home venues where people endure lengthy wait (“dwell”) times, and can thereby be reached effectively with engaging programming and commercial advertisements.

Our roster of over 200 programming partners features top television content that spans Entertainment, Lifestyle, Music, News and Sports. Along with local television programming, custom, and specialized content such as behind the scenes or director/actor interviews - Clear TV Media provides one of the industry's best line up's of DOOH television programming.

Clear TV Media then deploys it's world class media through a custom, sort-form programming strategy... where full-length television shows are condensed into short form mini-sodes, then broadcast over an 18 hour day parted schedule. This programming strategy is designed to provide more for less in order to engage larger, Away-From-Home audiences in a much more meaningful and memorable way. 


This level of content offering is virtually unmatched in today’s OOH television solutions industry. Combined with a state-of-the-art IP delivery network that allows for content customization based on venue and location, as well as client customized features such as integrated messaging, in-venue promotions and RRS feeds, ClearTV Media's OOH Television solution is ideally suited for resorts, hotels, healthcare facilities and similar dwell-time venues.

Alan Rogers

CTO, Network Operations

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Executive Director


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VP, Broadcast